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Introducing the Ergoapt Compact Wireless Keyboard

A wireless, ergonomic keyboard with full sized keys an aluminium case and rechargeable battery.

The benefits of compact

- The difference between a full featured keyboard and a compact keyboard is that the compact keyboard does not have a numeric keypad.
- This makes compact keyboards narrower, reducing the distance and reach required to the mouse.
- The compact size allows for a more relaxed, natural and centered working position.
- Reducing movement outside of the core working position by not reaching for the mouse whilst working helps reduce RSI issues from occurring.

Low profile, low strain

- The low profile of the keyboard keeps wrists flat, helping to prevent and alleviate symptoms of RSI and reduce fatigue.
- The Ergoapt Compact Keyboard has a low profile design, sloping with a top height of 10mm to a bottom height of 6mm.
- This height allows for a neutral and more natural wrist position.

Scissor switch keys offer a low profile, delivering short travel times and quiet operation. The keys require a low activation force and deliver a crisp, tactile feel that reduces the effort required to type.

Function and Compact Format

The Ergoapt Compact Keyboard's size reduces the number of keys that the keyboard has.
The keyboard still features many functions that a full size keyboard via keys with dual functions. The Function Key allows for these functions to activate.

Convenient Hot Keys

The Ergoapt Compact Keyboard has 12 hot keys that provide easy access for popular functions and reduce the need to reach for the mouse.

Sturdy and Sleek

The entire case of the Ergoapt Compact Keyboard is made of aluminium.

This construction provides a solid feel, additional weight and removes case flex.

Wireless connection

The keyboard connects wireless via a 2.4GHz USB receiver with a range of 10 metres.

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System compatibility

Mac with OS X 10.1 or later
Incompatible with some of Mac's special function keys
Windows XP or later

Connection method

2.4G Wireless via USB receiver

Operating range


Estimated charge time

Approximately 2 - 4 hours

Estimated work time per charge

80 hours

Standby time

Approximately 90 days


$25 per week, a total price of $150. Delivery to your door after 6 successful payments!

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