HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Aqua


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Masterfully crafted in all aspects

The KB1K is made of ABS+PMMA plastic that gives it an understated yet classy look.

You won't want to put down the KB1K once it's in your hand. The TTC hot-swap sockets and Kailh BOX White switches give crisp feedback with a satisfying click, perfect for when you are either just relaxing to music or working on your next project.

Programmable keys - For programmable fun

The keys and knobs are programmable, so they can not only be set up to control music, but the can also be set up to act as Ctrl+C/V buttons or other keys press macros. This HiFi keypad can be your loyal music companion or your helpful productivity tool.

You are the showrunner with total control

The RGB lights can either display pre-programmed or custom effects, letting you be in control of your own lightshow.

Hot-swappable sockets and keycaps mean you can change the look and feel of the keypad to keep up with your changing preferences.

Thoughtfully created - Down to every last detail

Every last detail of the KB1K has been throughtfully considered to make it useful. Dual USB ports mean you can place the KB1K in whatever orientation you like, while the bottom-mounted anti-skid and shock-resistant EVA foam mat help to stabilize the KB1K.

Desktop music companion - With endless possibilities

Say goodbye to tedious button presses on your computer, with the KB1K easiliy switching songs and changing the volume.

Fiddling with the lock screen too often? Use the KB1K for quick music playback controls.

The KB1K not only supports FiiO's current devices, but will also support future desktop digital source devices.

The KB1K is ready for any listening scenario.

What exactly is FiiO's multimedia keypad?

The KB1K, FiiO's versatile USB keypad, is a derivative product born for high-quality HiFi life. It supports the following functions

1. Use a common USB cable to connect the KB1K to a computer or an OTG Type-C cable to connect to a mobile phone/music player, so you can control the music through the KB1K, such as switching songs, adjusting volume, muting with just one button.

2. Download the exclusive FiiO Keyboard Driver on our website to self-define the function of each button and the light effect, exploring more possibilities and experiences.

For example, self-define the button as Control+C/Control+V; when using Photoshop, press the button to switch brush/eraser and seamlessly adjust the brush size; when modeling, quickly enter multiple or precise commands; custom script, M17 materialized control button, enter password with one button, and other further functions.

Note: This product does not include a USB cable. When connecting it to a computer, please use a common USB-A to Type-C cable. When connecting it to a mobile phone, please use a Type-C to Type-C OTG cable, such as FiiO's LT-TC1.

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$25 per week, a total of $500. Delivery to your door after 20 successful payments!

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