Keychron K3 Max 75% Low Profile Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - RGB Backlight


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R-Go Ergonomic Mini split Break keyboard wired

The flattest keyboard at 9mm high R-Go Split folds on itself for travel. With the built-in magnet it can be transformed into a compact keyboard with just one movement. The SPLIT R-Go Compact Keyboard allows you to place each half of the keyboard at an angle to suit the entry of your hands and a distance to give easy access without pressure on your body while typing and using the mouse.

R-Go Split ensures a natural, relaxed work posture while typing and has a soft firm touch and light keystroke, which requires less muscle tension during typing and greatly reduces the risk of overburdening yourself. Split R-Go keyboard offers all the ergonomic features you need to type in a healthy way. The split allows you to spread and twist the two parts to receive your hands in a natural inward position which in turn lets you type with a straight wrist.

The thin design ensures a relaxed position of the hands and wrists while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and because it consists of two parts, it easily fits into any laptop bag making it ideal for travelling. The keys are the same size as a standard keyboard.

Never reach sideways to your mouse anymore. Easy to take with you, so it's perfect for on the road!


The LED colour signals in the mouse indicate how healthy you are working and when it is time for a break. The mouse encourages you to take breaks on a frequent basis. These vital breaks help prevent physical complaints, stimulate blood circulation in the body and keep you fit during your working day. During mouse usage, the light changes colour, like a traffic light. Green means 'good job', orange that it is time for a break, red that you have been working too long.


The special scissor mechanism in the keys provides a light keystroke 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC. The plastic used for this keyboard is 100% recycled


Ultra-thin design to ensure relaxed, flat wrists during typing which stimulates better blood circulation.


Has a light keystroke, so you need less power to type.

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Windows and Linux


Plug & Play USB 2.0





Cable Length

1.5 metres




302 gram


$25 per week, a total price of $75. Delivery to your door after 3 successful payments!

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