Kitchen Precision 17 Pieces Complete Kitchen Knife Set


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Inclusions and Differences Between 7 Piece and 17 Piece Knife Set

17 Piece Knife Set includes:
Six Steak Knives
Pizza Knife
Cheese Knife
Kitchen Scissors
Peeler / Grater
Larger, customised, beautifully presented Acrylic Block
Chef Knife
Bread Knife
Carving Knife
Utility Knife
Paring Knife
Two Stage Knife Sharpener
All knives stored in a beautifully presented Acrylic Block

â‚ Chef Knife: Curved 200mm blade allows knife to rock while cutting. Ideal for chopping and dicing.
â‚ Bread Knife: Serrated 195mm blade designed to cut through hard crust and soft breads.
â‚ Carving Knife: Allows precise carving of meat with 203mm blade. Great for poultry, roasts and large cooked meals.
â‚ Utility Knife:A 114mm blade designed to cut all types of fruits and vegetables and remove fat or sinew from meat.
â‚ Paring Knife: Perfect for peeling, trimming and segmenting fruits and vegetables with a precise 90mm blade.
â‚ Six Steak Knives: Fully serrated 106mm blades for reduced effort when cutting steak and curved handle for a confident grip.
â‚ Pizza Knife: Curved and serrated 98mm blade to slice and serves pizza.
â‚ Cheese Knife: Ideal for slicing and serving cheese with a unique 133mm structured blade for cutting without sticking.
â‚ Kitchen Scissors: Ideal for poultry and general cutting as well as a range of other kitchen tasks.
â‚ Versatile Peeler: Ideal for vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.
â‚ Two-Stage Sharpener: Keeps your cutting edge in razor sharp condition with fine and coarse sections.

To ensure your Kitchen Precision knives stay sharp for their lifetime, we have included a Two-Stage Sharpener.
Regular use of the sharpener will improve the efficiency of the knives.

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$25 per week, a total price of $150. Delivery to your door after 6 successful payments!

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