Vertux Toucan RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


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Why use a centrally positioned mouse? A centred position for your hands is essential to minimise RSI and eliminate shoulder abduction. Overstretching the arm to reach for the mouse beyond the keyboard is a common trap. Unique mesh-like roller pad. By using an ergonomic mouse like Roller Advance 2.0 with 6 programmable buttons you get an ergonomically healthy position that keeps your arms and hands relaxed. The wide and cushioned wrist supports reduce strain on your neck, shoulders, arm and wrists. Can sit under your keyboard with the fold away keyboard support.

The Advance 2.0 reduces the need to reach for your mouse device. It promotes central mousing. Advance 2.0 is the flagship mouse. It's well thought out and ergonomic design make it the 'go-to' product for those looking for a central pointing device. It is ideal for reducing the reach required to operate a mouse, whilst maintaining in-line posture when working at a computer.

By placing your fingers on the unique mesh-like roller pad you can control the cursor with simple movements. The roller pad allows you to click and double click anywhere on its surface. As the mouse is located directly in front of you (and not to the side), it allows your arms to be kept close to and directly in front of your body.


If you prefer you can disable the click function on the control pad to prevent your computer from reacting when you click on it. To do this, first disconnect the USB cable. Then hold down the two large buttons and reconnect the USB cable. The change has now been implemented. The LED will flash briefly to confirm the setting. To re-enable the function, repeat the process.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden for over 24 years

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6 programmable buttons can be easily customized via MTKeys. (MTKeys available for mac and PC)
Integrated and flexible keyboard support allows for use with newer compact keyboards and older, larger keyboards.
Roller Control pad with click and scroll functions. Unique / soft touch pad.
The wide and cushioned wrist supports reduce strain on your neck, shoulders, arm and wrists


480 mm


110 mm


20 mm


670 grams

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$25 per week, a total of $150. Delivery to your door after 6 successful payments!

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