The Price You See is What You Pay ——Own it With No Extra Fees!

The Price You See is What You Pay
Many rent-to-own companies charge customers multiple extra fees on top of the agreed weekly amount, including a setup fee, variable interest fees, late fees for late payments, and even an extra buyout fee before a customer actually own a product. 
At Layaway Depot, we do it in a different way. That is, the price you see if the price you pay. No setup fees, no interest fees, no late fees, and no buyout fees! We keep everything easy and transparent with no unexpected costs. 
How Layaway Depot Works? 
Step 1. Sign Up.
Pick your product from our wide ranges and hit the ' APPLY NOW '  button. Fill out the contract with your details which will take no longer than 5 minutes. Once this has been completed we will email you the details of your contract. 
Step 2. Delivery.
Once you have made the prescribed number of consecutive payments. Layaway will send you a text and a letter asking you to confirm your delivery address. From there, Layaway will schedule your delivery and send you a tracking number. You can expect delivery of your product directly to your door within 15 working days from your confirmation of the delivery address.
Step 3. Own your product.
Continue your instalment payments until the term is completed. Once all instalments have been paid, you get to keep the product. Unlike renting it is yours no extra payments, no buy out fees or hassle.
Why Layaway Depot
Layaway Depot offers a wide range of products to suit all your needs. Layaway Depot offers products such as Smartphones, TVs, Bluetooth Speaker to your Lounge Suites, Bedroom Furniture and much more! No matter you are a working professional, a student, a party animal, a gamer, or you are preparing a gift for your loved one, there is always something for you. We have been taking care of New Zealand and Australia customers since 2011. Layaway delivers high-quality products and we aim to deliver the highest customer service with a friendly, personal touch.