FAQs - Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from us! 

How does Layaway AU Work? 

At Layaway AU, you simply select the Product you want and fill in the online application form. Payments are taken via Direct Debit and once you have paid off the total price, delivery is approved. The Product is then sent to your home for you to enjoy! How easy is that?!

What you see if what you get. The total price never changes and at Layaway AU there are no fees if you miss a payment. 

Simply pay off the total price and once your done, the Product will be sent to you & is yours to keep forever!

Remember, you can cancel at any time before Delivery of the Product. 

In addition, you can also increase or decrease your payments at anytime by contacting our team. We understand financial circumstances can change so here at Layaway AU we are always flexible. 

How does delivery work?

Once you have paid off the product, your delivery will be approved. You will receive a message with the tracking number of your product so you can see it's journey to you!

How can I place an order? 

Layaway AU makes it easy! Simply visit our website and pick a product from our variety of great deals and then simply click apply now. Fill out the secure application form and once completed, we will email you all the necessary paperwork detailing your Order.

Need your delivery ASAP?!

When do my payments come out? 

Payments are taken via Direct Debit and taken the same day you get paid. You can always contact us to change your payment day if need be.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment your term will be extended to cover for that missed payment. Your total number of payments will never change, and no default fees are charged.

How do I update my contract details? 

Simply email us at contact@layawayau.com and our team will be there to assist you

What happens if my product breaks?

We have a replacement team that can help you out! Simply lodge a request via this link:


How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint anytime, simply lodge a request via this link and our team will be there to assist you:


Feel free to contact us via email at contact@layawayau.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.