Panasonic C3.5kW H4.3kW Reverse Cycle Split System and Air Purifier


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This Panasonic Reverse Cycle Split System CS/CU-Z35XKR is more than just an air conditioner with a filter. Keeping home cool in summer and warm in winter this product suits rooms up to approx. 38m2, and includes WiFi built in with 24hr 2-way active Air Purification approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia. With Panasonic's NANOE-X Air Purification technology it's more than just an air filter. NANOE-X is an active air purifier that removes 99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens & mould, hydrating and deodorising rooms even when in standby mode so the air at home is constantly being cleaned, both in the room and when inside the air con by the onboard filtration technology. AEROWINGS ensure maximum comfort, from fast cooling/heating for quick relief in hot or cold rooms, then automatically adjusting to Shower Cooling which redirects airflow direction to maintain comfort levels with no breeze felt in the room. Built in Wi-Fi means there's no need for an additional WiFi device to be installed, just connect to the home network and control the air con from anywhere via a smartphone app or through voice control with Google or Alexa. It's also an ultra compact size as the indoor head unit is only 779mm wide, so it takes up much less space in the room than other air cons.
Type: Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling
Cooling Capacity: 3.5kW
Heating Capacity: 4.3kW
Energy Rating Cooling: 4.5 Stars
Energy Rating Heating: 3.5 Stars
Compatible Room Size: Up to approx. 38m2
Inverter: Yes
Noise Level: Indoor: 44 dBA, Outdoor: 65 dBA
Timer: Yes - 24 Hours
Filtration System: Anti Bacterial Air
Wi-Fi Enabled: Yes
Indoor Unit Model No.: CS-Z35XKR
Outdoor Unit Model No.: CU-Z35XKR
Indoor Unit Width (mm): 779
Indoor Unit Height (mm): 290
Indoor Unit Depth (mm): 209
Indoor Unit Weight (kg): 8
Outdoor Unit Width (mm): 780
Outdoor Unit Height (mm): 542
Outdoor Unit Depth (mm): 289
Outdoor Unit Weight (kg): 30
Additional Features: Odour-removing function, Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED), Voice control your air conditioner using your existing Google Assistant or Alexa devices
Year: 2021
Configuration: Wall mounted
Installation: This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Always consult authorized service personnel for repairing, installation, and relocation of this product. Improper installation or handling will cause leakage, electric shock, or fire.
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 4.38
Coefficient of Performance (COP): 4.65
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Year

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$35 per week, a total price of $1,715. Delivery to your door after 49 successful payments!

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